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Main article: Edge Customer Support Number

Get best Contact Edge Customer Service Number Detail 1-888-455-9568

Click on the clock icon. The standard keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+H works in Edge Browser too.

Want to change the default location of downloads? (Contact Edge Customer Service Number for More Help)

Changing the default downloads location is done not in the browser -- where you'd expect -- but in File Explorer. Launch it and you’ll see a Downloads folder on the left. Right-click it and select Properties. Click the Location tab, and enter the new path where you want downloads saved to. Click Apply. If you want to move the existing folder (taking any completed downloads with it), click on Move, choose a new folder location and say Yes.

Edge is running slowly.

You can browse your history, and wipe it entirely by clicking the Clear all history link at the top. You got an option to clear cookies, saved password and all history . If it still won't work you can contact Edge Customer Support Number.

Text in Edge appears too small.

Try loading the same sites in a different browser. And if that work try to clear cache file or history. Also use Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to increase or decrease text size.

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